ALJB Prize 2020
Victoria Perros
Extra-financial transparency and Corporate Social Responsibility: achievements and challenges
Thomas Biermeyer & Justine Yansenne
Beneficiary units under Luxembourg law – an empirical legal study of the market practice
ALJB Prize 2018
Olivier Voordeckers
The uncertain competence of the European Central Bank to exercise national supervisory powers: an analysis of the powers of the CSSF
ALJB Prize 2016
Marion Fluck
The internal bailout mechanism within the European Union
Minh-Xuan Nguyen
The concept of credit establishment and its application in the context of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)
ALJB Prize 2014
Marie Nounckele
Bitcoin - from virtual to reality - An Essay on the Legal Approach to Virtual Currencies
François Goergen
European and Luxembourg perspectives on the Single Supervisory Mechanism: a new model for the prudential supervision of banks
ALJB Prize 2012
Carolyn Prestat / François Peguesse
The effectiveness of negative commitments in financing contracts: instructions for use
ALJB Prize 2010
Grégory Minne
The rules of conflict of laws in relation to compensation in the financial sector
ALJB Prize 2008
Sufian et Carole Bataineh
Islamic finance: Opportunities and challenges for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
ALJB Prize 2006
Christine Forina / Gorgon Feliho
The real surety guarantee: hybrid security between a surety and real security?
ALJB Prize 2004
Onenne Partsch-Bobricheff
Analysis of the current legal framework for clearing and settlement services in the European Union, together with some tentative considerations concerning the future
Carole Schmidt / Christophe Liebertz
Luxembourg banking secrecy versus the mandate from the banker's perspective
ALJB Prize 2002
Mark Armstrong-Cerfontaine
Regulating Securities Lending by UCITS – Towards a Comparative Analysis
ALJB Prize 2001
Adrian Sedlo
The legal regime for swap contracts in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg